Living with painful feet isn’t easy.

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes and are suffering from foot pain, you may have diabetic nerve pain. Not understanding the cause of your pain can feel frustrating. Getting a clear diagnosis and learning how to treat foot pain can also be challenging. You’re not alone – many people living with diabetic nerve pain of the feet face these same issues.

There are steps you can take to help get back on track. Start by educating yourself and talking to your healthcare team. Then, work with your doctor to identify the right treatment for you, as you begin to step away from being defined by diabetic nerve pain of the feet – and toward doing the things you want to do.

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What is diabetic nerve pain of the feet?

Nerve damage can happen over time when your blood sugar is high due to diabetes. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can contribute to the nerves in your feet not working as they should. These damaged, unhealthy nerves send too many pain signals to your brain, resulting in the pain you feel in your feet. This can feel like foot numbness or shooting, stabbing, or burning pain. This may affect people in different ways, and it can occur in a very specific part of the foot, or even impact the entire foot.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Infographic

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Why do I have diabetic nerve pain of the feet?

Diabetic nerve pain of the feet is one of the most common effects of diabetes. Of 35 million people in the US who are living with diabetes, about 5 million also experience diabetic nerve pain of the feet. Risk factors include:

  • Having a more advanced age
  • Being overweight
  • Having high cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Consuming alcohol
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“The pain, numbness, and tingling was neuropathy.”

Dona-Marie, living with DPN of the feet.
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Your pain.
Your symptoms.

Symptoms of diabetic nerve pain of the feet can range from tingling or burning sensations to shooting or stabbing pains. You may also experience numbness or not be able to feel pain or temperature changes. If you have diabetic nerve pain of the feet, you may have difficulty walking or lose your balance due to your foot numbness. Symptoms can be different for everyone.

Doctor Discussion Guide

This guide will help you start a conversation with your doctor about your pain and how you can get relief.

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A direct way to relieve diabetic nerve pain of the feet

Learn about a unique diabetic foot pain treatment.

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Treatment Options

If you’re living with diabetic nerve pain of the feet, various foot pain treatments are available.